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Another Show!

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

I am back from a trip to Morocco, which was absolutely wonderful I have to say. Four girls let loose on the streets of Marrakech is just what the doctor ordered after moving house and participating in the studio tour. 

To bring me right back into my other life, my artist friend Jennifer Olson asked me to show with her at the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria. Passages opens this Thursday, May 20 from 6 to 8pm. It runs until May 26. The hours are all on the CACGV website. I’ll be showing work from my November show, Passage, which was hung at the Macpherson Library Gallery at UVic.



Stranger With My Face (and hands, too)

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Last January, I was a approached about lending my paintings to Lifetime Network, working on a film in Victoria called Stranger With My Face. I also ended up doing some hand-double work for the main character of Laurie, played by the lovely and multi-talented Alexz Johnson.

I found the film on YouTube a while ago and watched it. I hadn’t realised that the opening shot would pan over some New York buildings, and back into a room (on Yates Street) and that my painting would be the first thing you see, followed shortly by my hand!

So, all the painting and drawing closeups of the girl’s hand and her paintings are in fact my hand, and my paintings. Oh, how fun!

You can watch the first two minutes here on YouTube.


The opening shot...


My hand tickling my painting


Gotta love the framing




Not one, but 3 paintings in this shot...My NSCAD studio mate Daniel is in the centre one


They had me re-draw the portrait on camera. The whole thing! I was cross-legged on the floor and it was freezing in there, then it cut straight to here...


Magic! It's instantly done! Yeesh. That was high-pressure drawing.


We'll give you a million for it...


Tickle tickle... They also had me re-create the "evil twin" portion of this piece on camera from scratch. This time there were about 20 people around, and the camera rolling. It was hard to keep my hands from shaking. And they cut that footage! Oh well.


"Oh, Honey, look what you did!"


I included this one, cause the clever props people snuck in my self-portrait into the background. I like that.

All images copyright Lifetime Network. Don’t sue me.

A New Year, a New Home

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

So it’s been more than a month since my last post, and I am a neglectful blogger. For good reason, my friends–I’ve been painting up a storm, though not on canvases. My hubs, my very obliging mum and I have emptied almost a dozen cans of paint onto the walls of my soon-to-be-new house. I’m very excited. Just the bathroom and the trim to go, and it’s all done. 

January 3rd was a sad day, as I was required to vacate my lovely downtown studio to make way for the wrecking ball. The leak in the roof was enough to convince the building owners to push forward their plans to convert our lovely space into several condos. Sigh.

However, I have a new space to work in. And it’s warm and sunny, so to be honest, I’m much happier. Painting in gloves and a down vest (with a hot water bottle shoved in it) was far from ideal!

Inspiring books I’ll be leafing through:


Painting People


Drop Dead Cute


Lisa Yuskavage: Small Paintings

I can’t wait to get started in my new space. I hope 2010 is a productive, inspiring year for everyone.

New Show!

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Hello Lovelies. If you live in Victoria, please check out my new solo show. Passage will be showing from November 18 until December 17 at University of Victoria’s McPherson Library Gallery. After the work goes up, I’ll post some more photos. Phew, the paintings are finished, and photographed, signed and dry (unusual for me to hang fully dry paintings!) and I’m very happy and very tired. Cup of tea and cheesy novel? Yes, please.


Photographing Paintings

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Here is a sort-of preview of the new work, as photographed yesterday. Photographing work is my least favourite part of the whole process. I’m lying on the floor, squinting into the view-finder, dealing with tricky sheen and funky light, appreciating how difficult it must be to be a professional photographer!

Fence (detail) Lisa Hebden 2009

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: it’s all about the eyes. I find if the eyes are off (and not in a good way), the portrait doesn’t work. These new paintings continue in my tradition of portraits of make-believe girls. They are composites and imaginings. One painting will be inspired by a magazine ad for handbags, but will morph into something else entirely.

Blonde in Field (detail) Lisa Hebden 2009
big-blonde-eye-detail-sm Lisa Hebden

I’m excited about this one above. She’s raw and dark.



And this one is called “Pink Lady”. I couldn’t resist. I’ll post the whole paintings after the show opens next Wednesday!

Tiny Dancers

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Here’s the painting I made for the Body Language show at Martin Batchelor Gallery for Suddenly Dance Theatre. It’s called Tiny Dancers, and is 16 x 20 inches, oil on canvas. I had a great time making this painting. There’s an interview with me here about the piece. There are three days left for the show; an eclectic mix of beautiful dance-themed paintings, photographs and sculptures by talented artists like Phyllis Serota, Joe Coffey and Frances Semple.

Tiny Dancers



Body Language, a Benefit

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

This weekend, I’ll be participating in a group show at Martin Batchelor Gallery to benefit Suddenly Dance Theatre’s ROMP! Festival of Independent Dance. I’m working on my piece, a wee painting of fledgling dancers, to comment on my love of dance as a child. 
Image credit: Miles Lowry
This marvellous image is by the multi-talented Miles Lowry. My painting isn’t finished yet…

If my sister and I were taken to a place that had a large wooden floor, it was all I could do not to practice my pirouettes and jettes across it, making a spectacle of myself. I had a pair of black pointe shoes that I played with, but I fell in love with modern dance before I got that far in ballet. Bare feet and big sweeping motions and Al Green … all these components pushed ballet right out of the way. But I love to watch it. 

The show, Body Language, opens on Saturday October 24, 7 – 10 pm at Martin Bachelor Gallery, 712 Cormorant Street, Victoria BC. It runs until November 4.

A Room of One’s Own

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the importance of a Room of One’s Own. I’m fascinated by people’s work spaces, and when I come across a photo of someone in their artist’s studio or craft workshop, I’m mesmerized. 

A space to work, outside of one’s home, is a lovely thing. To separate work from play has been a long-time goal, and one that is a challenge for the self-employed. It’s easy to become distracted by laundry and home life when working in a room in one’s house. After much deliberating, I decided that I’d like to give an outside space a try. Not a few days later, a downtown studio space was made available to me. Needless to say, I snatched it up. It was not so inspiring though.

Studio Before:


Now, I like a clean bright space to work in. Bratty? A little. So, with the help of two gallons of mistint paint and some elbow grease, (thanks, C) it now looks like this:



Nothing like some white paint to cheer things up! The stage area is used for storage underneath, which is great for my large collection of ready-to-go canvases, and the shop-vac to make sure the delicate drying surfaces remain dust-free. Of course, since this was taken, I’ve covered the floor of the stage with canvases with underpainting waiting to dry, but it was almost perfect for a few days.



Moss Street Paint-In

Friday, July 17th, 2009


Another mad-dash for another summer show! For those non-Victorians, every July over 100 artists line both sides of Moss Street, from the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria to the ocean at Dallas Road.  I remember going to the Paint-In when I was 15. It was one of those cloudy summer days that puts the pause button on air-mattressing and sand castleing. I was so blown away by all the artists, I just wanted to draw. They had easels. Well now I’m part of it. Over 30,000 people come through in 4 hours. Pretty impressive for an art event in Victoria. It’s a bit nerve-wracking (or I make it so…) but I had a great time last year, and I hope this year will be the same.

So, I just Googled the Moss Street Paint In to look for images for this post, and the second picture to come up is me! Looking confused, yes, but that’s not too unusual. Anyway, it made me laugh.


Letting Go

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Selling work is a bittersweet thing. Of course it’s the best compliment an artist can receive, but it’s also sad to see something you put energy and love into go off into the world without you. I just sold Queen Anne’s Lace to a lovely young mother who saves her tips to buy original art. How wonderful and inspiring is that? I guess I’m lucky in that I genuinely like the people who are drawn to my work. I get to hear stories of people’s childhoods and memories that are triggered by my images. An 83 year old woman saw Redhead and she told me it looked like her sister when they were small. She had tears in her eyes. I love my job. Do you have anything to say about selling work? Any stories?