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Moss Street Paint-In

Friday, July 17th, 2009


Another mad-dash for another summer show! For those non-Victorians, every July over 100 artists line both sides of Moss Street, from the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria to the ocean at Dallas Road.  I remember going to the Paint-In when I was 15. It was one of those cloudy summer days that puts the pause button on air-mattressing and sand castleing. I was so blown away by all the artists, I just wanted to draw. They had easels. Well now I’m part of it. Over 30,000 people come through in 4 hours. Pretty impressive for an art event in Victoria. It’s a bit nerve-wracking (or I make it so…) but I had a great time last year, and I hope this year will be the same.

So, I just Googled the Moss Street Paint In to look for images for this post, and the second picture to come up is me! Looking confused, yes, but that’s not too unusual. Anyway, it made me laugh.


Letting Go

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Selling work is a bittersweet thing. Of course it’s the best compliment an artist can receive, but it’s also sad to see something you put energy and love into go off into the world without you. I just sold Queen Anne’s Lace to a lovely young mother who saves her tips to buy original art. How wonderful and inspiring is that? I guess I’m lucky in that I genuinely like the people who are drawn to my work. I get to hear stories of people’s childhoods and memories that are triggered by my images. An 83 year old woman saw Redhead and she told me it looked like her sister when they were small. She had tears in her eyes. I love my job. Do you have anything to say about selling work? Any stories?

Top 5 Art Supplies & Yummy Paint

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Art Supplies 1

Call me an art-supply geek and I’ll readily agree. My history of working at an art supply store turned me into a bit of a paint snob. My Top 5 Can’t Live Without, Worth Every Penny supplies are:

1. Gamblin Oil Paints
These are the absolute best paints ever. The pigments are rich and saturated and just transparent enough to make delicious glazes. My favourites: Transparent Earth Yellow and Orange, Quinachridone Red, Quick Dry White and Chromatic Black.


2. Gamblin Neo Megilp
Like painting with butter. It thins the paint perfectly and dries glossy and fast. 

3. Opus Legato Brushes
Acrylic bristle brushes. Most oil painters use real hair, but these are so smooth, cheap and easy to clean. I stock up when they go on sale.

4. Golden Acrylic Gesso
This is the highest quality gesso. I don’t skimp on this one. Three or four coats of this non-yellowing gesso makes for paintings that last long past their painter.

5. A Glass Palette
I got mine from an auto glass shop. They cut it 18 x 24 from non-shattering glass and I use a paint scraper to clean it. It’s not portable, and it takes up most of my table, but having all that mixing room makes me happy.

6. Windsor & Newton Brush Cleaner and Restorer
Okay, I said top 5, but I love this product. Remember the brushes that are easy to clean? Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean I get to it before the paint dries. 24 hours soaking in this stuff makes the dried paint dissolve and saves my brushes. And it’s somehow non-toxic. My only complaint is that it doesn’t come in a 5 gallon drum!