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Stranger With My Face (and hands, too)

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Last January, I was a approached about lending my paintings to Lifetime Network, working on a film in Victoria called Stranger With My Face. I also ended up doing some hand-double work for the main character of Laurie, played by the lovely and multi-talented Alexz Johnson.

I found the film on YouTube a while ago and watched it. I hadn’t realised that the opening shot would pan over some New York buildings, and back into a room (on Yates Street) and that my painting would be the first thing you see, followed shortly by my hand!

So, all the painting and drawing closeups of the girl’s hand and her paintings are in fact my hand, and my paintings. Oh, how fun!

You can watch the first two minutes here on YouTube.


The opening shot...


My hand tickling my painting


Gotta love the framing




Not one, but 3 paintings in this shot...My NSCAD studio mate Daniel is in the centre one


They had me re-draw the portrait on camera. The whole thing! I was cross-legged on the floor and it was freezing in there, then it cut straight to here...


Magic! It's instantly done! Yeesh. That was high-pressure drawing.


We'll give you a million for it...


Tickle tickle... They also had me re-create the "evil twin" portion of this piece on camera from scratch. This time there were about 20 people around, and the camera rolling. It was hard to keep my hands from shaking. And they cut that footage! Oh well.


"Oh, Honey, look what you did!"


I included this one, cause the clever props people snuck in my self-portrait into the background. I like that.

All images copyright Lifetime Network. Don’t sue me.