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Make a Bad Drawing (become a better artist)

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

I find sometimes drawing is like running. I’m fine once I’m doing it, but getting set up to go seems painful. To be frank, I’m worried my drawing will suck. Especially a portrait. But recently, I’ve been brave and given myself permission to make a crappy drawing. I can make a whole book of them if I want to, as no one has to see them. We get so tied up in trying to make something great, we forget how great it feels just to make something, anything at all. And you know what? I feel exhilarated after these drawings. Elated, even. So just go for it, using a dull pencil or a tiny little brush, whatever is at hand. A ball point pen. I’m so pleased with my pretty book of dodgy drawings. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Edinburgh Castle from a pub window, your cat sleeping in a slice of sunlight, or the broken eggshells from Sunday breakfast. Enjoy, I say! It will make you a better artist, I promise.