Lovely Apartment

This is the apartment of a friend who lives in Vancouver’s West End. I’ve always enjoyed how she inserts her sense of humour into her home. It’s a daily reminder to look on the lighter side of things, and have a laugh at yourself. I find inspiration everywhere I look, and there’s something about her place that gets me every time.

This is a woman who knows her way around a thrift shop, and fills her home with a well-edited collection of fun things that are bright, cheerful and cheeky—just like her.



A print of one of my favourite Rembrandt paintings gets a makeover courtesy of a silver Sharpie and a bottle of wine!



A wayward roadside torso shares an Ikea pot with a large aloe vera.


That’s one of my sepia paintings in the background, based on a birthday card she once sent me.




One of her prized possessions passed down from her Mum, this flamingo mirror reflects the gorgeous view across English Bay.

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