Inspiring New Friends

I’ve just returned from wine & nibblies with two very inspiring new friends, visual artist Caite Dheere and photographer Caroline West.

Caite works in encaustics and her paintings are simultaneously rich and dreamy. For those not in-the-know, encaustic is made with beeswax and pigments. The wax is heated and mixed with pigment, and applied in layers usually to wood. I’ve never worked with it, but it smells divine. Caite’s new website outlines the technique.










And Caroline is a photographer from Sydney, Australia. She moved here to Victoria about a year ago and works all over the place. She shoots everything beautifully, from teacups to mountains. I’m really hoping to hire her to photograph me in my *new* studio for my website, but we’ll see…Her own website is here.



Photo by Caroline West



Photo by Caroline West


Photo by Caroline West

Photo by Caroline West


So, I’m full of bean dip, wine and inspiration. Pretty great for a Tuesday night.

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