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The Hairdryer Book Club

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

My friend Kate and I were talking about that girlie time of day when we blow-dry our hair, and how much we enjoy having that set amount of time every morning to read whatever we want. I have very curly hair, which takes forever to dry, so I get a good 20 minutes of reading done in the first part of my day. I’ve been aware lately of the affects what I read have upon the hours that follow this ritual. Daily motivation is common challenge for the self-employed. It’s easy to get off track and faff about for the whole day doing nothing. But it’s not very rewarding. 


Decorating magazines make me want to refinish furniture
Fashion magazines make me want to go shopping
Novels make me want to curl up and keep reading

So, those are all out. We don’t get the newspaper (which would flap about anyway). So I have set up a stack of artist books and magazines by my hairdryer. Border Crossings, Artist’s Markets, Artist Survival Skills (a new favourite) and monographs from the likes of Elizabeth Peyton, Jenny Saville and Degas are strewn across the place. I find that they take me to that place of “I want to make something” faster than anything else. Funny how the slightest adjustment makes a big difference. I highly recommend this! And a cup of tea, of course.